Small Apartment Vanity Set-Up

My vanity in my bedroom has always been one of my favorite set-ups in our apartment. Years back I made the decision to replace my nightstand with a small desk and it was by far one of my best (my previous vanity set-up even scored me a feature in the Washington Post). Earlier this year I accidentally destroyed my previous desk. Right before I left my apartment to stay at my parent’s to help take care of my dad, I unknowingly leaked nail polish remover on the desktop. Since I’m constantly using my vanity, it normally would be something I’d notice right away, but because it happened right before I left, the nail polish remover slowly melted the top and interior drawer for over a month! When I eventually got home, I went to clear off my vanity, and I noticed as I was picking up items off of the table, chunks of my desk were coming up and the paint destroyed nearly everything I’d left on it. Long story short, after many failed attempts at reviving the desk, it was officially time to find a replacement. I spent months putting off the purchase, and searching for the perfect new table, when I came across this one from Pottery Barn. While many of you may be shocked to see I went a more minimalistic route, I am truly happy with the new set-up. I wanted something that looked a bit more neutral and mature, and I think I accomplished just that. I did manage to squeeze in a touch of pink though (of course)! I mentioned in yesterday’s blog post that I’m being very particular about the new furniture and decor we bring into the apartment, because I want to make sure they are classic, well-made pieces that I can see us moving to a new home (hopefully sometime in the near future).

Desk | Mirror | Stool | Shadowbox | Flower Arrangement | Chanel Hanger | Drawer Organizers

Desk | Mirror | Stool | Shadowbox | Flower Arrangement | Chanel Hanger | Drawer Organizers

What do you think of the new set-up?

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