-Feb 15, 2023

Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

Now that wedding season is starting to approach I wanted to put together some of my favorite bridal shower gift ideas in today's post!
By Teresa Caruso

Now that wedding season is starting to approach I wanted to put together some of my favorite bridal shower gift ideas in today’s post! I’ll always have a big love for weddings and truly enjoy helping you ladies find fun bridal things for you or your girl’s big day. These gifts are practical yet festive and something that she’ll truly enjoy throughout her wedding season. For more new wedding-related finds check out my favorite bachelorette party decor and gift ideas here!

Venus Et Fleur Bundle | This brand creates eternity roses which are real roses that last for over a year! This bundle comes with two different rose displays and a candle for the ultimate girly bridal shower gift.

Always Pan | New cookware is a gift that is always appreciated and this viral pan is completely non-stick and comes in a few different, fun colors.

Colored Wine Glasses Set | I love the square shape of these wine glasses and they come in a set of 4.

Wedding Advent Calendar | This advent calendar comes with 7 days of gifts she can open the week before her wedding day!

Bride Claw Clip | This luxe bride clip is a pretty accessory she could wear throughout all of her wedding events.

Bride Emergency Kit | She’ll be prepped for anything on her big day with this emergency kit. It has 20 different essentials she might need like double-sided tape, hair spray, elastics, stain remover, and more.

Customized Tote Bags | These tote bags are too cute and you can customize them with her future last name. Great for a bachelorette party!

Mrs Scrunchie | Another cute bridal hair accessory, this would be an inexpensive gift you could add to other items or gift alone.

Satin Pajamas | These under $35 satin pajamas are so soft and would be perfect for her to wear getting ready for her wedding day or on the bachelorette trip!

Wifey Lounge Set | We all love good loungewear and this set is something she could throw on whenever for its neutral color and design.

Sequin Bride Denim Jacket | Get her prepped for her bachelorette night out with this bride jacket! It is made of everything sparkly and fun and is under $100.

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