-Feb 17, 2023

How to Organize Drawers Throughout Your Home

If you've followed me for a while you know I'm big on organization so this year I have been reorganizing some of the areas in our home!
By Teresa Caruso

If you’ve followed me for a while you know I’m big on organization so this year I have been reorganizing some of the areas in our home! While I truly do enjoy organizing, one of the trickiest places to organize are the drawers in various rooms throughout your house. I know drawers tend to get messy easily in our home so I’ve added a few different organizational products and methods that have helped so much! In today’s post, I’m sharing how to organize drawers throughout your home and some of my favorite products for doing so.

Keep Similar Items Together

It may seem obvious, but when you’re organizing your drawers make sure to keep similar items together. It’s easy to throw things in a drawer and call it a day but your items will never have a permanent living space so they’ll always stay cluttered. I also like to keep things I use the most on the upper-level drawers, and things I don’t use as frequently on the lower-level drawers. This provides me with easier access to the items I use every day. I did this in my bathroom drawers and kept different beauty products, hairbands, and more at the top while my hair hot tools went in the lower drawer. See how I did it in this video!

Put Things Back in Their Place

Once your drawers are organized, the only way to keep them that way is to put items back in their original place. I know it can be an annoying extra step but this will make all the difference in maintaining your neat drawers. I especially remind myself to do this when I’m putting things back into our junk drawer since that is the catch-all drawer for all things random. The neater my drawers stay, the more motivated I feel to keep them that way!

Grab Products to Help You

I know I definitely couldn’t keep my drawers organized without some organizational products to help me. There are SO many different items to choose from depending on the type of drawer you’re organizing, so I put together all of my favorites below! These are the organizational products that I use throughout the drawers in our home and they work so well. If you’re having trouble with your drawer organizers moving around, try out this museum putty which keeps your organizers completely in place!

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