-Oct 29, 2022

October Top Sellers

I loved sharing all of the home and fashion things with you guys this month--anything fall is always so much fun! I've rounded up everything you loved this month in today's blog post with my October top sellers.
By Teresa Caruso

I loved sharing all of the home and fashion things with you guys this month–anything fall is always so much fun! I’ve rounded up everything you loved this month in today’s blog post with my October top sellers. Keep an eye out for some fun holiday things coming your way next month like gift guides, holiday decor, and so much more! For now, check out all of the gift guides I’ve put together so far here. Can’t wait for the new month!

Shower Scrubber | This shower scrubber is an absolute lifesaver when it comes to cleaning the bathroom! It comes with 4 different head attachments depending on the type of surface and cleaning you’re doing.

Wrapbuddies | With all of the upcoming holiday wrapping we’re about to do… I immediately grabbed these Wrapbuddies. They hold your wrapping paper in place for easy rolling and cutting, and they even have a slot to add your tape dispenser. The best!

Wireless Charging Pad | This charging pad has 3 different spaces for your phone, smartwatch, and headphones. It even doubles as a stand to prop up your phone, too! Super convenient for an entryway or in an office.

Dog Sponge | If you have a pet at home, you need this! This sponge picks up pet hair instantly simply by rubbing it on the desired space. Makes cleaning up SO much easier and great for small touchups!

Makeup Brush Holder | This makeup brush holder is always a top seller because it is the BEST for travel and for storing your brushes. It’s my favorite because it has a slim slit that allows your brushes to breathe, keeping them dry. A ton of colors to choose from, too!

Hand Sanitizer | My fave hand sanitizer ever! Unlike other sanitizers, this one doesn’t dry out your skin but actually moisturizes it.

Stanley Tumbler | This viral tumbler is always a fave and has helped me drink so much more water. It can keep your drinks hot OR cold, and it fits in a cup holder which is the best. Trust me, you won’t regret this one!

Soap Daddy | This soap daddy dispenser is the best! Push down to infuse soap onto a sponge or your hands, and squeeze the sides to direct soap into pots or pants.

Stainless Steel Cloths | I’ve been using these clothes for cleaning my kitchen and other surfaces, and they are magic! They eliminate streaks, fingerprints, and more instantly. Plus, how cute is the print?

Reading Light | If you’re a nighttime reader like me, this reading light is a must-have. I don’t want to disturb Matt reading after he’s gone to bed, so this light has been crucial for me. It simply clips onto your book and has a few different light settings, too.

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