-Oct 7, 2022

The Best Ways to Organize Holiday Decor

We're officially in October which means... the holidays are coming. In today's post, I'm sharing the best ways to organize holiday decor so you can keep things neat, orderly, and transition from one bunch of holiday decor to the next seamlessly.
By Teresa Caruso

We’re officially in October which means… the holidays are coming. I know, I know, crazy! While the holidays are a fun and special time spent with family and friends, they also can be an extremely stressful time. With hosting, attending parties, decorating your house, holiday cooking, holiday shopping, and more, it can sometimes feel a little daunting. I love the holidays, and I’m going to make sure you spend more time enjoying them this year than checking things off your list. In today’s post, I’m sharing the best ways to organize holiday decor so you can keep things neat, orderly, and transition from one bunch of holiday decor to the next seamlessly.

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Invest in Some Good Organizational Pieces

To keep things organized, you first have to have some good organizational pieces to store everything. The transition from keeping items in random cardboard boxes to functional, organizational pieces makes such a difference! Even if you don’t have a ton of space, there are so many different pieces that would work in any home size. I also love using organizational pieces throughout the holidays to store things like wrapping paper and ribbon since I’m coming back to them so frequently. It prevents them from being scattered throughout a room creating more clutter. Find a few pieces you like and use them to store and organize all of your holiday decor.

Label Everything

There is nothing worse than looking for a specific holiday decor item, only to find that you have to go through boxes and boxes to find it. I’ve definitely been there and I know it’s not fun unpacking everything for one item! One of my top tips is to label everything, even if it feels a little overkill. That way, when the holiday season rolls around and you’re looking for items, you can quickly and easily find them. The best part about labeling is that you can do it as you’re taking decor out or putting it away, so it’s not too much of an extra step.

Make Sure Everything has a Place

With boxes and bags of different decor, it can be tempting to shove everything into any available space. It’s quick, it’s easy, but the downside… it’s a mess. And it might just make it a little more difficult to find things next year. That’s why when it comes to holiday decor, you need to make sure everything has a place. Keep the same items in the same area year after year, eliminating any confusion when you’re trying to find things for the next holiday season. It’s even helpful to create a note on your phone or a document on your computer detailing where everything is if you have a lot of decor. It might be a little work upfront, but will so so beneficial for the holiday seasons to come.

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