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Five Kitchen Cabinet Organization Ideas

Spring is here so I have been getting in FULL spring cleaning mode, and this year, I'm starting with the kitchen.
By Teresa Caruso

Spring is here so I have been getting in FULL spring cleaning mode, and this year, I’m starting with the kitchen. I feel like my kitchen and kitchen cabinets are the first place to get cluttered and unorganized, so I’ve enlisted help from a few organization products that have made such a difference for me. I’ve put together five kitchen cabinet organization ideas that are so simple but will take your cabinets from messy to pristine in no time at all AND save you space! For more of my go-to organization pieces, see my full list here!

Try a Plate Dispenser

Paper plates, that is. If you’re someone who uses paper plates on the regular, this one is for you! Paper plates tend to not be the cutest, and storing them can be a chore if you’re short on space. I recently came across this paper plate dispenser and ordered it immediately! Its adhesive strips stick it right below the cabinet for a subtle, aesthetically pleasing organizer that distributes paper plates with ease. This is great if you have kiddos in the home too so they can easily grab a paper plate.


Paper Plate Dispenser

This paper plate organizer is perfect for saving space in your kitchen.
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Add a Stackable Organizer

If you’ve followed me for a while you know my love for stackable organizers. I basically have them in every area of the house! Since these organizers stack, they are able to hold a good amount of items while taking up minimal space. I especially love to use these in kitchen cabinets to maximize the cabinet space in a budget-friendly and customizable way. You can even use them on the kitchen counter to store items in an organized way, or build a cute corner in the kitchen like a coffee corner!


Cabinet Shelf Organizer

I love being able to maximize the space in my cabinets and stack all types of items.
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Attach Mug Hooks

If you have lots of mugs but nowhere to store them, these hooks are a lifesaver! They simply slide onto shelves and hang 6 mugs per organizer. That way, you can use the most space in your kitchen cabinet yet still keep your shelves super neat. I also just like the way these look!


Mug Hook Organizer

This is perfect for utilizing every inch of your kitchen cabinets.
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Utilize a Plate Holder

I have these plate holders in my kitchen cabinet and I will never go back! They store plates vertically instead of how they usually lay horizontally in a cabinet, and allow you to hold SO many more plates on one shelf. Instead of using up an entire cabinet for plates, I can get everything in 1-2 shelves with these organizers. They’re also very sturdy so no stressing about your plates falling over!


Dish Stand Organizer

Storing plates horizontally has been a game changer in my organization obsession.
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Try a Water Bottle Organizer

If you’re anything like me and have a million and one water bottles and tumblers (I blame Stanley) you might be shoving them into your kitchen cabinets with no space to spare. I’m really liking the new addition of this water bottle organizer to my cabinet to keep my bottles neat. It looks pretty, allows me to utilize more space in my cabinets, and I can actually see what water bottles I have so I don’t keep purchasing more….. maybe 😉


Water Bottle Organizer

You can never have enough Stanleys and this organizer really lets me believe that.
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