-May 3, 2024

My Cleaning Do’s & Don’ts

Over the years of major cleaning and organizing, I have learned a few lessons that have made my cleaning experiences so much better.
By Teresa Caruso

Over the years of major cleaning and organizing, I have learned a few lessons that have made my cleaning experiences so much better. Now when I clean and organize my home, it’s not something I dread but actually don’t mind, especially after seeing the end result! Keep reading for my full do’s and don’ts list that will hopefully make your cleaning this season more productive and enjoyable, and don’t miss my full cleaning product list here!


Don’t try to tackle everything all at once! The worst thing you can do is pull everything out and then run out of steam a few hours later. Spring cleaning doesn’t happen in a day. Take on one task at a time. 

Don’t forget to get rid of expired products, in both your medicine cabinet and pantry. 

Don’t forget to go through old electronics. We all have that drawer or box of old cell phones and gadgets. Recycle what you can and use programs like Best Buy’s trade-in program to possibly even make some money back!

Don’t forget to turn on music or a podcast! I’m all about task stacking. Just because you’re cleaning doesn’t mean you have to be miserable. I love listening to music or podcasts while I clean. Sometimes I’ll even roll my TV around with me if I’m really needing motivation. 

Don’t buy any organization products until you’re done. I have been SO guilty of this in the past. I’ll do a big Target run ahead of cleaning and decluttering only to find I already had organization options at home. Also, you’ll end up just filling up the new organizers you bought which means zero progress on the decluttering front!


Create a plan and prioritize what needs to be done. Figure out what spaces in your home are non-negotiables and need to be tackled first. The reality is most people may not have the time to do it all, so make sure you’ll be able to do what is most important for your household!

Get rid of clutter first! Before you start cleaning, it’s best to clear out anything you no longer need. It’s much easier than trying to clean around the clutter.

Keep your cleaning supplies nearby. Consider creating a caddy or rolling cart filled with all of your cleaning supplies and tools so you can easily bring them from room to room.

Clean your appliances. And I’m not talking about the outside of them. Did you know most appliances require internal maintenance and cleaning to keep them working properly? I didn’t until recently! Luckily, they make easy-to-use tablets for most appliances. 

Change your filters. My husband and I are the worst when it comes to this, but it’s SO important. Make sure to change all of the filters in your HVAC system and purifiers.

Last Updated: May 3, 2024
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