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-Jul 29, 2022

My Reading Essentials

If you didn't know, I'm a huge reader! I love relaxing after a work day or before I go to bed by spending time diving into a good book. I've been sharing some of my favorite books I've read lately, and I've been getting a ton of questions about books and reading!
By Teresa Caruso

If you didn’t know, I’m a huge reader! I love relaxing after a work day or before I go to bed by spending time diving into a good book. I’ve been sharing some of my favorite books I’ve read lately (check out my current faves here), and I’ve been getting a ton of questions about books and reading! I decided to put together all of my reading essentials for my fellow bookworms so you can have a pleasant and even more enjoyable reading experience. For more of my favorite books and reading accessories, make sure to check out the list I dedicated to reading on my Amazon Storefront!

Kindle | I prefer reading a physical book, but I love my Kindle for traveling. If I finish my book on a trip I can download a new one, and it keeps my packing light and convenient. I definitely don’t want to travel with multiple books!

Blue-Light Glasses | These glasses are great if I’m reading on my phone or iPad. They block the harmful blue light from my eyes and are pretty cute, too! I use these beyond reading, they are great if you work on a computer all day.

Kindle Cover | I love this case for protecting my Kindle. Since I bring my Kindle traveling, I usually shove it in my bag, so this case gives me the comfort that it’s protected! I also love it because when you open up the flap on the case, it turns on your Kindle screen.

Headphones | Of course, I love curling up with a book, but I’m also a HUGE fan of audiobooks! When I’m cleaning or doing chores around the house, listening to an audiobook makes it so much more enjoyable. I use audible for my audiobooks, get a subscription here! I use these headphones for audiobooks which are so comfortable and cancel out additional noise.

Bookmark | You all know how much I love personalization, so I am obsessed with this personalized bookmark! It’s made out of vegan leather and can be personalized however you’d like.

Book Page Holder | This gadget is super unique and helpful if you like to read with one hand. It holds your pages in place so you don’t have to strain your fingers, allowing you a more comfortable reading experience. So cool!

Reading Light | I’ve shared this reading light a few times because I love it so much! It’s perfect for late-night reading if your partner wants to go to bed but you want to stay up. You’re able to continue reading without disturbing anyone since this light stays concentrated on your book. This has been a lifesaver for me!

Pillow Stand | This stand is perfect for cozy reading. It’s super comfortable like a pillow, but sturdy enough to keep your Kindle, tablet, or book in place.

Magnetic Bookmarks | If you want a bookmark that is subtle and doesn’t take up much space, these small magnetic bookmarks are for you! They come in a pack of 5 and work great for bookmarking multiple pages and spots you want to come back to.

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