Kitchen Drawer Organization

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We’ve been in the new house for a little over a month and I’m finally getting around to organizing! I thought we would be further along by now but honestly the first few weeks were much more hectic than I anticipated. Moving into your first home can be a bit overwhelming and it can be hard knowing where to even start, so I finally decided little by little would be the best route! One of the small projects I tackled this week was organizing our kitchen drawers. I really loved the way our storage bin drawer came out, so I thought I would share!

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Our new kitchen has these amazing deep drawers, but I’ve quickly noticed that items can get a little lost inside. Every time I would open and close a drawer, everything inside would rattle and fall. Enter these drawer dividers. They may look familiar since I’ve used them in the past for organizing clothing drawers. Lucky enough, they were the perfect solution for our kitchen too. They keep everything in place and easy to see.

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The drawer dividers come in a pack of four and they’re adjustable so you can make them fit a variety of different drawers. I grabbed them in white for our kitchen, but they’re also available in natural bamboo and gray. You can shop them here.

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