Under the Kitchen Sink Organization

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One thing I love to do is revisit a space I previously organized in my home and see how I can make it even better. Sometimes when I organize it works out perfectly, and other times I’ll notice it doesn’t function as well as I had hoped. Our lives and needs are constantly changing, and so it’s important that your home, and the systems you put in place to keep it organized, evolve with you. We organized underneath the kitchen sink a few months back, but I decided to make a couple of adjustments. And I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Here are some of my favorite products for organizing under the kitchen sink.

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under the kitchen sink, kitchen sink organization, how to organize your kitchen sink
kitchen sink organization, under the sink, how to organize under a kitchen sink

You’ll notice very quickly that I love to make things look as streamlined as possible. I find that it’s much easier to keep your home neat if every single item has a place. You will find these clear stackable drawers throughout my entire home, but for under the kitchen sink I used them to store dishwasher pods and appliance cleaner tabs. Keeping the organizers clear makes it really easy for me to quickly see what we have and replenish or repurchase when needed. You can stack them up as high as your space allows and they’re available in three different sizes. I love how versatile they are!

Next to the clear drawers, I used these mesh pullout drawers. I love that they’re open, allowing me to quickly grab what I need. On top, I stored all of our sponges and I keep a roll of trash bags on the bottom. These are also stackable!

rotating organizer

One of the newest additions to under our kitchen sink are these rotating organizers. I used a different one previously, but I love these newer ones because they’re much taller and you can adjust them. They’re actually 3-tier, but I customized them to fit our cabinet. I find that the bottom tier fits most cleaning bottles! And as a bonus, they’re the prettiest rotating organizers I’ve seen on the market! Love the gold detailing.

how to organize under a kitchen sink, kitchen sink organization
acrylic caddy

I put the remaining miscellaneous items in this acrylic caddy. It’s not perfectly set-up yet, but I’d love to use this as a cleaning caddy in the future. And that’s it! Let me know what you think of this under the kitchen sink set-up in the comments below.

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