Pantry Organization: A Tour of Our Pantry

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Since we’re still waiting on nearly all of our furniture deliveries, I’ve been focusing my time on organizing. One of the things I was most looking forward to in our new house was having a pantry, so I decided to organize it first. Although our home is considered a spec home, our builder allowed us to make a few small changes. One of the ideas he brought to life for us was installing a wood countertop in the pantry. It was really important to me that the pantry could fit some of our appliances and the countertop is perfect for that. We have an open concept kitchen, which can easily look cluttered if you’re not careful. Being able to “hide” some of our appliances definitely helps keep our countertops clear.

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Pantry Organization, Pantry Tour, Kitchen Organization
Pantry Organization, Pantry Tour, Kitchen Organization

Baskets & Labels

Throughout the pantry I used a variety of different baskets to store all of our food. I find that using baskets in pantries makes the space look neater. From a functional standpoint, it also makes it much easier to find what you’re looking for. To label the baskets, I used a mixture of these clear bin clips and these birch ones. I ordered the actual labels from this Etsy shop. You can customize them to say whatever you want! In the baskets, I stored fruits, veggies, boxes of pasta, cans, sauces, and all other packaged foods and snacks. I stored items like sugar, flour, rice, and mixed nuts in a variety of glass jars and canisters.

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Cereal Bar

A fun feature I added to the pantry was a cereal bar. Cereal dispensers are especially great if you have overnight guests often or kids! My parents visit monthly and my mom loves being able to easily help herself each morning. The dispensers are normally silver but we spray painted them gold to match our kitchen.

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I hope you enjoyed the tour of our pantry! If you don’t have a pantry in your home, check out this blog post where I converted a closet into one in our old apartment. You can also check out this open-concept pantry I created here.

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