Laundry Room Organization & Storage Ideas

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We moved into our home about six months ago and I’m just getting around to organizing the laundry room. Matt and I have never had our own washer and dryer, let alone a whole room dedicated to laundry, so it’s definitely a treat for us. I still have a couple of cabinets and drawers to organize, but I thought I would share the progress we’re made so far. Keep reading to check out my laundry room organization and storage ideas.

Laundry Room Counter

On our counter, I wanted to create a station for our daily laundry essentials, like detergent, fabric softener and dryer sheets. I’m always looking for ways to make ordinary products in a home look a little more polished and chic. To do this in our laundry room, I opted for these dispensers for detergent and fabric softener. Last year I discovered tissue box covers actually make great dryer sheet dispensers, so I opted for this acrylic one. And I poured our detergent pods and scent boosters into these glass jars, with wooden scoops. I love how the entire set-up blends into our decor.

Laundry Room Cabinet

We have a few different cabinets in our laundry room, but I decided to organize the main cabinet first. The Home Edit, a professional organizing company, actually collaborated with Walmart to create a line of organization products. They already have a collection at The Container Store, but the collection at Walmart is at a more affordable price-point. For our cabinet, I used this set of organizers, designed specifically for laundry room organization. The set includes two stacking bins, two narrow bins and a turntable. I also purchased additional narrow bins. I used the organizers to store all of our other laundry room essentials, like vacuum attachments, lint rollers, and other laundry room supplies.

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We still have a bit of organizing to do, but I am thrilled with the progress we’ve made so far. It kind of makes me look forward to doing laundry. You can shop all of my laundry room organization finds below.

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