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Stoney Clover Shopping Guide & Collection

Chances are if you follow me on Instagram, then you've caught a glimpse at my Stoney Clover collection. I discovered the brand when I was planning my wedding, and I have been obsessed ever since. Stoney Clover designs pouches, bags, and other accessories that can be customized with their amazing selection of patches.
By Teresa Caruso
Stoney Clover pouch design ideas

Chances are if you follow me on Instagram, then you’ve caught a glimpse at my Stoney Clover collection. I discovered the brand when I was planning my wedding, and I have been obsessed ever since. Stoney Clover designs pouches, bags, and other accessories that can be customized with their amazing selection of patches. I have a soft spot for anything customizable, so I was instantly drawn to the brand. Between their core collection of products, and limited edition collections and collaborations, the options are truly endless to what you can design. Since I now have a pretty size-able collection myself and have been shopping with the brand for quite some time, I thought I would create the ultimate Stoney Clover shopping guide and give you a look at some of my favorite Stoney Clover pieces in my collection. I know many of you have messaged me wanting to make your first Stoney Clover purchase, but have been completely overwhelmed by all of the options and choices. I hope to not only give you some design inspiration throughout this guide, but also give you a closer look at what you can fit in the different sized bags and pouches. Stoney Clover pieces also make for amazing gifts, so definitely keep their products in mind when shopping for the holidays.

Stoney Clover sparkling cider pouch

Mini Pouches

About the style: The mini pouch is the smallest style Stoney Clover currently offers (5″ H x 4.75″ W). Best used for: I personally love using the mini pouch to store my everyday beauty products within my purse. It’s great because you can fit a surprising amount inside of it, yet it’s easy to transfer from bag to bag.

Small Pouches

Stoney Clover small pouch design ideas

About the style: The small pouch is my personal favorite (5″H x 9.5″ W). It’s about double the size of the mini pouch and I feel it’s the most versatile. You can fit a bunch of items inside, and it has a great amount of space on the exterior for customizing. Best used for: makeup bag and toiletries for a trip.

Large Pouches

What fits inside a large Stoney Clover pouch

About the style: The large pouch is the largest Stoney Clover pouch style (8″H x 11″L). Best used for: The larger pouches are great for hair tools, to use as packing cubes, and for storing tech accessories when traveling. Two small pouches actually fit inside of the large pouch with room on top for extras. When I’m traveling, I usually put two small pouches in a large (one small pouch for makeup and one for skincare), and then fill the remaining space on top with my curling iron, straightener, and hair brush.

Travel Pouches

First aid kit using a clear Stoney Clover pouch

About the style: The travel pouch is one of Stoney Clover’s newest styles. The size is somewhere between the mini and small pouch. Unlike most of Stoney Clover’s other styles, this pouch is transparent (which I love). Best used for: I use the travel pouches similarly to the mini pouches. Either filled with small essentials in my purse or on the plane with things I may want to grab easily like headphones, hand sanitizer, lip balm, and gum.

Open Top Mirror Pouch

Stoney Clover open top mirror pouch

About the style: The open top mirror pouch is one of Stoney Clover’s more unique styles (10.5″ L x 4″ H). The mirror inside makes it great for traveling with beauty products, and the vegan leather makes it sturdier than the nylon pouches. Best used for: While the open top mirror pouch is perfect for traveling with makeup, I actually love keeping it on my vanity to store and show off my essentials. It has a really pretty presence, and while I find all of Stoney Clover’s products to be luxe, I find this one a little extra fancy. Another popular use for the open top mirror pouch is headband storage. My first open top mirror pouch was actually from Stoney Clover’s collaboration with Lele Sadoughi, who is known for her gorgeous, embellished headbands. You can comfortably fit about 5-7 headbands in each pouch.

Classic Clear Flat Pouch

About the style: The classic clear flat pouch was actually one of my first Stoney Clover purchases (11.5″L x 8″H). It has a nylon top and trim, with a transparent center. Best used for: Since you see exactly what’s inside the classic clear flat pouch, it’s great for storing items you may need quickly while traveling. I personally love using the style to store small snacks, pens and a notebook, phone and laptop chargers, and important documents when traveling.

Duffle Bags

Stoney Clover cozy duffle bag on luggage
Stoney Clover packing inspiration

About the style: The duffle bag is my personal favorite Stoney Clover bag style (12″H x 22″L x 8.5″D). It is the ultimate travel bag. It can fit a surprising amount and folds down for easy storage when you’re not traveling. I’ve been able to use a duffle bag to pack for a 4-5 day trip, and I love that it fits under my seat when I’m on a plane. Best used for: I recommend using the duffle bag for smaller length trips (1-4 days) and as a carry-on for longer vacations.

Fanny Packs

Stoney Clover fanny packs

About the style: This hands-free option is a great bag for when you’re on the go and just need the essentials (6″H x 11″W x 3″D). When I initially purchased this style, I wasn’t sure how often I’d actually use it. I purchased it to use on vacations, specifically Disney World trips, but with what’s currently happening in our country, I’m not sure when I’ll get back to the parks. However, I’ve actually found myself grabbing it on a daily basis. When I’m out running errands, I try to get everything done as quickly as possible, limiting my time in stores and interactions, to be as safe as possible. I love the fanny pack because I can keep my hands completely free, and don’t have to worry about putting my purse in a cart or on a table that might be dirty. Best used for: The fanny pack fits the essentials; phone, wallet or card case, hand sanitizer, lip balm, and a couple of small extras. I love using it for daily errands, but it’s also perfect for traveling because you can keep your money, ID, and other important items close to you.


About the style: The backpack comes in two styles; classic and classic mini. I don’t own the mini version, so I’m going to be chatting strictly about the classic version. Best used for: I love using this style when I’m traveling by plane. I used it on our trip to Europe last fall and it was amazing. I was able to fit everything I needed for the plane ride, and it felt so comfortable on my back. I love being hands-free when I travel. Once we arrived in Europe, I used it sightseeing every single day. Each morning I’d pack it with what I needed, and I was always prepared for whatever the day would bring. I loved that even though it’s a backpack, it looked so cute and feminine with all of my outfits because it was a beautiful bright white and personalized with pretty patches.

Classic Tote & Mini Tote

About the style: The tote is another one of my favorite styles. The tote comes in two sizes, classic and mini, and I love each style for different reasons. Best used for: The classic tote is very spacious. You can use it for daily life, but I highly suggest using it as an overnight bag. However, when you don’t fill it up completely, it has a cute slouchy look that I think does work for daily use. My personal favorite everyday bag is the Mini Classic Tote. It’s smaller and a bit more structured, and can still fit everything that you may need in a day. Inside the Mini Tote I can fit my planner, laptop, iPad, wallet, phone, and other odds and ends comfortably.

Heart Pouch

About the style: One of Stoney Clover’s newest styles, the heart pouch was an instant favorite for me. When they recently relaunched the Cozy collection, the heart pouch was one of their newest product launches. The Cozy collection is probably my favorite Stoney Clover collection ever, and I love that they added this unique silhouette. Best used for: When the Heart Pouch arrived I was actually shocked at how big it was (in a good way). You can use it as a pouch within a bag, but I also think it makes a super cute clutch for the fall and winter months.


About the style: With every Stoney Clover launch I fall more and more in love with the brand, and I feel like it’s because they take practical, useful items you may use or need in daily life, and put a fun spin on them. Their notebook launch was no exception. I would compare their notebook more to a planner cover. It includes a notebook that buttons inside, but you can also add whatever planner you want to it. Best used for: planner cover, document holder, or book cover.

Face Masks

I never thought I would be chatting face masks here on the blog, but here we are. The Stoney Clover face masks are my personal favorite. Out of all of the masks I have purchased and tried, I find theirs to be the most comfortable. They also wash well, and it doesn’t hurt that they’re really cute too.


Q: What product do you recommend for someone who is on a tighter budget?

A: If you’re on a tight budget, I recommend the travel pouch! It’s one of their lower price points, but it’s also one of my favorite styles. It’s really versatile and a great introduction to the brand.

Q: Which product do you think would make the best gift?

A: I think the small pouch personalized with a few patches. It was one of my first Stoney Clover pieces, and one I still treasure today.

Q: Should I have my patches sewn on or can I just stick them on myself? 

A: There is a fee to have the patches sewn on, but I would almost always recommend it. I haven’t had any issues with the few patches I haven’t sewed on, but when you’re investing in the pouches and patches, I think it’s worth it to have them sewn on for permanence.

Q: Which limited edition collection or collaboration was your favorite?

A: Definitely cozy!

Q: Styles under $100 you recommend?

A: Travel pouch, mini pouch, small pouch, and fanny pack!

Q: Favorite pouch and bag colors?

A: Sand, Sparkling Cider, Blanc, and Buttercream.

Q: What are your favorite patches?

A: Varsity Glitter Letters, Jumbo Pearl Airplane, Rainbow Patch, and Glitter Heart!

I hope this guide helps you navigate the world of Stoney Clover. If you ever have a question, I’m always happy to help!

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