At-Home Coffee Bar

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Matt and I are coffee-obsessed! We used to get our coffee from a local coffee shop everyday, but about a year ago decided to start making it at home. We had been using a super basic (and old) coffee pot all this time, so we decided it was time to upgrade it. We received the Smeg blender and electric kettle as wedding gifts, so slowly but surely we have been converting all of our kitchen appliances to Smeg. Since we’ve obviously been spending nearly all of our time at-home, as are most people right now, I thought it would be fun to convert a little part of our kitchen counter into a coffee bar!

Glass Syrup Bottles
We love using different syrups in our coffee but the standard packaging was a bit of an eye sore, so I opted for this set of bottles. I love how uniform it looks on our kitchen island!
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This rack is meant for spices but I think it works perfectly for the syrup bottles and mugs!
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Smeg Coffee Pot
While we do have a Nespresso (and love it), most days all Matt and I truly want is a nice pot of coffee to share. We were previously using a very old model, and so we opted for the Smeg Coffee Machine to match our other kitchen appliances.
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Gold Teaspoons
These spoons are made for espresso but I love using them when making my coffee every morning.
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