-Mar 18, 2024

What to Know About Amazon’s Big Spring Sale

Amazon is hosting a brand new sale event this spring called the Big Spring Sale, and you know what that means... TONS of items marked down!
By Teresa Caruso

Amazon is hosting a brand new sale event this spring called the Big Spring Sale, and you know what that means… TONS of items marked down! This sale will act similarly to Prime Day but will run much longer from March 20th to 25th. If you’ve never shopped an Amazon sale before, don’t miss this one as there will be some amazing deals happening!

I love a good Amazon sale since you can find deals on just about everything, which can be super exciting but also can quickly get a little overwhelming. I’ll be covering the entire sale and will be sharing my picks throughout the entirety of Amazon’s Big Spring Sale, so if you need a little help finding the best deals to shop, I’ve got you covered!

How Amazon’s Big Spring Sale Works

The thing that’s most tricky about Prime sales is that deals are constantly changing. New items can be added to the sale, some can be taken off, and it’s really all over the place! It’s a little difficult to know what’s going to be on sale in advance, and since Amazon has pretty much everything, it’s hard to know what and when to shop. Plus, the sheer amount of products on sale makes it feel like you might be missing the best deals. But don’t stress! As I mentioned above, I’ll be covering the entire sale so you are able to get the best deals out of Amazon’s Big Spring Sale and find items that you actually want. 

How to Shop

Since the sale is so huge and things are always changing, I’ve created 3 ways you can easily shop my Big Spring Sale picks so you don’t miss out on a thing!

#1: Head to my Amazon Storefront

When the sale begins, my top picks will first be live on my Amazon Storefront. If you don’t know what an Amazon Storefront is, it’s basically a shop page on Amazon where I curate all of my favorite items by category. It’s super easy to navigate so you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for, and you can find all of my top picks in one spot. I will be updating the list throughout the entire sale! Click here for my Amazon Storefront.

#2: Sign up for my Newsletter

I will be sending out a few special newsletters for Amazon’s Big Spring Sale with updates, new picks, what I’m shopping for, and every last detail on the sale! Sign up for my newsletter here!

#3: Visit my Blog

You will find all of my Big Spring Sale round-ups on my blog, which I will continue to update as deals become available. My blog is also where I can give you a little more detail and information on different products, and where I can share why I like them. Read my blog here!

I can’t wait! See you back here for Amazon’s Big Spring Sale on Wednesday, the 20th!

Xo, Teresa

Last Updated: Mar 18, 2024
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