Six Ways to Style the Anthropologie Primrose Mirror

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If you follow me, chances are you’ve seen this mirror in my home. I’m constantly going on about how it’s the best piece of decor I have ever purchased, and honestly, it is. The moment I spotted the Anthropologie Primrose Mirror, I knew I needed it for our home. I’ll admit, it’s a bit of a splurge, but the second I saw it go on sale, I grabbed it. And boy am I glad I did. Two years later I now have three, in two different sizes, and am constantly restyling them in our home. No matter where I put this mirror, it looks incredible. If I could have one in every single room, I would. Since I’m constantly being asked about this particular piece, I thought it would be helpful to round-up all of the different ways I’ve styled it. I hope this helps you get a better idea of the mirror’s versatility if you’re considering purchasing it for your own home. It’s actually on sale right now (which is quite rare), so if you are considering it, I highly recommend picking it up this weekend. Here are seven different ways to style the Anthropologie Primrose Mirror:

1. On A Vanity //

My favorite, and one of the most popular ways to style the Primrose Mirror, is on a vanity table. I previously had a round mirror above my vanity, and while it looked great, it just doesn’t compare to how beautiful the Primrose Mirror looks on it. It instantly elevates any space you add it to!

Anthropologie Primrose Mirror, Vanity for Small Spaces, How to Style the Anthropologie Primrose Mirror

2. On An Entryway Table //

I actually initially purchased the Primrose Mirror for our entryway table. The mirror is an amazing statement piece for your guests to see the moment they enter your home. I also loved having it in that spot because it made the room appear much longer than it actually is.

3. On A Fireplace Mantle //

About a month back we decided to purchase a fireplace, and before the fireplace even arrived, I knew the mirror would be perfect for the mantle. I know I said my vanity is my favorite spot for the mirror, but the mantle is a very close second! I love the way our Christmas garland looks against it!

4. On A Dresser //

Another popular spot for the mirror is above a dresser. We always lean the mirror (which is surprisingly stable) but it also looks gorgeous on the wall. We live in a rental so we avoid hanging anything too heavy, but it’s definitely something we’ll do when we move into a house.

Primrose Mirror, Anthropologie Primrose Mirror

Anthropologie Primrose Mirror, How to style the anthropologie primrose mirror

5. As A Wedding Seating Chart //

When we were planning our wedding, I knew I wanted to have a calligrapher write our seating chart on a mirror. The larger Primrose Mirror (5ft) was my first instinct, but I tried to look for other, more affordable options first. Ultimately, I went with the Primrose Mirror because I knew it would not only fit my vision, but be a piece I would use post-wedding. It made more sense to spend the extra money and have a mirror I knew I would love for years to come. Now, every time I look at the mirror in our home, I’m reminded of our wedding day and it always makes me smile.

Photo by Emily Wren Photography

6. As a Floor-length Mirror //

Post-wedding we are now using the mirror as a floor-length mirror in our living room. We briefly had it on a set of dressers, but since we didn’t want to anchor it to the wall (we live in a rental), we ultimately decided using it as a floor-length mirror would be best.

Anthropologie Primrose Mirror, How to Style the Anthropologie Primrose Mirror, Small Dining Spaces, How to Style a Dining Room in A Small Apartment

I hope you enjoyed seeing all the different ways the Anthropologie Primrose Mirror can be styled in your home. Aside from looking beautiful, the mirror is also made incredibly well, and I can see it in our home for years to come!