-Jul 12, 2022

Best of Amazon Prime Day Sales

Prime Day is officially here and as promised I'll be sharing some of my favorite products on sale! For even more of my Prime Day picks, make sure you're checking my Amazon Storefront as I'll be updating it with my picks throughout the entire two days of the sale. Happy Prime Day!
By Teresa Caruso

Prime Day is officially here and as promised I’ll be sharing some of my favorite products on sale! These products are things I own and love so I’m super excited to see they’re on sale for Prime Day. For even more of my Prime Day picks, make sure you’re checking my Amazon Storefront as I’ll be updating it with my picks throughout the entire two days of the sale. Happy Prime Day!

ONE: All-in-1 Pan | This pan reminds me of the Our Place pans! It’s completely non-stick and can be used for so many different things from sautéing to stewing. Plus, it comes with a wooden spoon and is in so many different colors.

TWO: Tom Ford Book | This book is very popular so I am super excited that it’s on sale for Prime Day! I love to use this as a coffee table book or for decoration around the house since it’s so minimal and chic. Stack it with a few other books and you’re decor is done!

THREE: Ice Machine | If you don’t have an ice machine in your freezer, this one is my favorite. It’s powerful yet small so it won’t take up too much space on your countertop, and has a removable water tank for easy refilling. Plus, it makes the best kind of ice!

FOUR: Silicone Mats | These mats are great for baking, roasting, and food prep! Completely non-stick and oven-safe up to 480 degrees, I don’t cook without these anymore. They’re also super easy to clean, just wash them in the sink with soap and water like a normal dish.

FIVE: Smart Plugs | If you have an Alexa or Google Assistant, you need to grab these smart plugs! They can be synced with your smart devices adding voice control to any outlet. You also can control them using an app on your smartphone!

SIX: Hand Vacuum | This vacuum is a total game-changer. It’s perfect for the small messes that are in inconvenient locations or would take forever to sweep. I’ve found it to be surprisingly powerful for its size and I use it weekly!

SEVEN: Cordless Vacuum | Such a great item to get during Prime Day, this cordless vacuum is amazing. It’s lightweight and powerful, but what I love most about it is that you only have to press a button to empty the dustbin. No dirty hands here!

EIGHT: Knife Set | A good-quality knife set can be pricey, so I love this one from Amazon for its value. It comes with a knife block and all of the pieces that you need for your kitchen!

NINE: Air Purifier | I love this air purifier for how slim and powerful it is, yet it stays super quiet. It also has a display screen on the top that tells you the quality of the air, which it tracks and adjusts automatically.

TEN: White Noise Machine | I’ve found that sleeping with a noise machine has been super soothing and improved my quality of sleep. I love this machine since it creates the sounds of rushing air, without the disturbance of actual moving air.

ELEVEN: Portable Phone Charger | There are so many portable phone chargers out there, but I love this one because it’s small and compact! It easily fits into your purse and is the same length as your phone so it takes up virtually no space.

TWELVE: Checkerboard Blanket | I have shared this blanket before and I am so excited it’s on sale! It’s so soft, comfortable, and has the cutest checkered print.

THIRTEEN: Flat Iron | If you’ve been eyeing a T3 Micro hair tool, now is the time to get it! This straightener has heat ID technology that personalizes 9 heat settings to your hair type with a touch of the screen.

FOURTEEN: Spotted Mugs | The cutest spotted mugs for your morning coffee or tea. They come in a set of 4 and have an irregular spot design meaning no mug will be the same.

FIFTEEN: Ceramic Vase | This vase would be so cute filled with dried flowers on a coffee or side table!

SIXTEEN: Pajama Set | These pajamas are so soft and comfortable! I love them for summer since they are lightweight yet still super cute.

SEVENTEEN: Wipe Dispenser | I use this wipe dispenser for basically everything! It keeps wipes fresh and is made completely out of stainless steel for a sleek design. I love to keep one in my car.

EIGHTEEN: Shower Scrubber | This shower scrubber and cleaning brush combo have a long handle for easy cleaning!

NINETEEN: Electric Toothbrush | This smart toothbrush has sensors that automatically adjust the brushing mode and intensity depending on your teeth. It also comes with 4 different brush heads!

TWENTY: Electric Wine Opener | I know I sometimes struggle with the wine opener, so I was so excited to find this electric one. It opens wine with the push of a button and is the perfect size!

TWENTY-ONE: Bagel Slicer | If you’re a bagel lover, this slicer is the best! No cutting board needed, this slicer cuts bagels perfectly even.

TWENTY-TWO: Olaplex Hair Perfector | I love to do a little at-home R & R and use this hair mask! It makes my hair silky soft and also helps repair damaged hair.

TWENTY-THREE: Echo Show | This smart-display device does everything. You can set alarms, make video calls, watch movies or TV shows and stream music, manage your smart home, and SO much more! The perfect addition if you want to add more “smart” items to your home!

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