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My Top Anthropologie Sale Picks

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Anthropologie Sale Items, Best Anthropologie Sale Items

As many of you know by now, Anthropologie is one of my favorite retailers. I constantly turn to the brand for home decor, fashion, accessories, and everything in between. A few times a year they host their AnthroDay sale, where they offer a discount on ALL of their merchandise. Today the sale kicks off for their AnthroPerks members, with 20% off of EVERYTHING. If you’re not an AnthroPerk member, don’t worry. It’s absolutely free and super easy to sign-up for. Plus once you sign up, you’re automatically eligible for the discount. (You can sign up here) Below I rounded up some of my top picks from the AnthroDay sale. I made sure to include a few home decor pieces I already own, use, and love.

Tech Organizer | Hat | Leopard Pullover
Leopard Sneakers | Blanket Ladder | Fringe Throw Blanket
Monogram Necklace | Leopard Towel | Tech Pouch

Lipstick Organizer, Marble Lipstick Organizer, Anthropologie Lipstick Organizer

Shop: Marble Lipstick Holder

Shop: Bistro Tile Canisters

Shop: Primrose Mirror

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