Our Engagement Story + How We Met

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Since I’ve been sharing so much about the wedding planning process over the past few months, I thought it made sense to share the story of our proposal. It’s crazy to think we’ve been engaged for eight months already. Now that we have a date, and a venue, everything feels a bit more real, and I couldn’t be more excited. Before we get into how he asked, I thought it would help to go back to where it all started, seven years ago.

How We Met

Seven years ago, when I started my sophomore year of college, there was a financial aid error, that resulted in a housing mix-up. While I should have been starting my sophomore year living with my three best friends, instead I found myself living with three strangers, including my RA. I was already hesitant about going back to college. My freshman year consisted of many nights of homesickness and the distance put a strain on my relationship with my high school boyfriend. Knowing that I got to move-in with my closest friends was one of the few things stopping me from filling out transfer papers, so you could imagine my disappointment when that was no longer a reality. In December of that same year, after a couple of months of living with my new roommates, I was invited to one of their birthday dinners. I will be completely honest in saying that I didn’t want to go. Not because I didn’t like my roommate, but because I was so resistant to change, and the idea of meeting new people was nerve-wracking. After finally working up some courage, I decided to go. Also, my excuses were limited because they lived with me. Before we left for the dinner, I decided to take a walk to the ATM with my other roommate, Allison. On our way back to our apartment, we bumped into two guys who were also going to the birthday dinner, one of them being Matt. I really can’t explain what it was, but the moment I saw him, I was completely smitten. I instantly felt something I had never felt before, and all we did was exchange a few words. When I started my sophomore year and had to live with new people, I thought it was going to be a terrible year, but when I embraced the change, it ended up being one of the best years of my life. My three new roommates ended up becoming three of the best friends I had ever had, and I met the man I knew I was meant to marry.

Seven Years Later

Fast forward seven years, and we’re both living in New York. I’ve lived in New York my entire life, minus my four years at college, but Matt is originally from a suburb outside of Philadelphia. After I graduated, he made the decision to move to Brooklyn so we could be closer. To celebrate my aunt and uncle’s 20th wedding anniversary, we planned a family trip to Hawaii in April. Matt has always been a more practical guy, so whenever I mention going on vacation, he usually asks a million questions. When I mentioned Hawaii, he didn’t hesitate at all, and instantly agreed. Now that might not sound weird to you, but to me, it was suspicious. I had this feeling that maybe he would propose while we were in Hawaii, but then I would convince myself he wasn’t going to. It was finally time to go to Hawaii, and we were having such a great time that I almost forgot about the possibility of a proposal, especially since we only had two days left there. One night we decided the next morning that we would wake up early and take some blog photos on the beach across the street from our hotel. A couple of outfit changes later, as Matt was looking through the camera to make sure he got all the shots I said, “You got everything? That’s it?”, and he responded with “There’s one more thing”, and then proceeded to get down on one knee. I honestly just instantly burst into tears, and he was so nervous his legs were shaking. It was honestly perfect. Just the two of us, on a quiet beach in Hawaii. After we took a few minutes to enjoy the moment, I raced back to the hotel and knocked on my parent’s hotel door to tell them the news. I just remember my cheeks hurting from smiling so much. It was also then that I realized that almost everyone on the trip knew he was going to propose, except for my mom and grandma. They’re terrible at hiding their excitement, so Matt couldn’t trust them – haha!

And that is the story of how we met and how he asked. It’s crazy to think our story together started when I was only 19. Since I shared my story of how I said yes, I also wanted to share WeddingWire’s #justsaidyes contest! If you’re recently engaged, WeddingWire is giving away $10,000 toward your wedding vendors plus the chance to win other amazing monthly prizes like a wedding dress, luggage for your honeymoon, and $2500 to Blue Nile. All you have to do is share your #justsaidyes moment via Instagram with #justsaidyes + @weddingwire. Check out all the details here. It’s seriously a dream giveaway for newly engaged couples!

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  1. That is such a beautiful ring! Congratulations!

    My husband and I actually met at McDonalds, where we both worked. After 6 years of dating, he proposed; and it was accidentally at a McDonalds, because he got too nervous to propose at dinner, or when we were walking around to see Christmas lights. =) It was actually kind of sweet.

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