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To me, a bar cart is a statement piece for your home. What I love about bar carts is their versatility. They’re practical because they house everything you need for entertaining, yet still allow your personality to shine through. I always like to keep a few bottles of wine on our cart, but when I know we’re having company, I stock it up with liquor and refreshments. There are 101 different ways you can style a bar cart, but today I’m going to show you how we style ours from Hayneedle.

Up until recently, I had the same boring bar cart. After redecorating our living room, I knew we had to upgrade. When I came across Hayneedle’s selection of bar carts, I knew they would have the perfect one for us. The Belham Living Braxton Bar Cart was the winner for many reasons. Obviously one reason being that it’s gold. What I really loved was the additional storage for wine glasses and bottles. I thought it added personality (and functionality) to the cart. I also love love love the mirrored bottom. I just knew it was perfect for the space, and I like to think I was right.

Bar Cart c/o Hayneedle | Tray c/o Hayneedle (similar) | Letter Board | Urchin c/o Hayneedle | Decanter | Marble Box (similar) | Rose All Day Book | Rug | Champagne Bears

As I said, we use our bar cart for both practical reasons, and for decor. The wine, liquor, and beverages are constantly rotated in and out, but the glassware typically stays the same. Over the years, I’ve collected quite a bit of glassware and I hate the idea of having it hidden in my cabinets. If you find pieces that you love, why not display them? The blush, tall glasses we keep on the bottom of the bar cart are my favorite thrift store find ever. My grandma loves to go thrift store shopping, so when she was in South Carolina at her summer home, I told her to keep an eye out for any pink glassware. Less than an hour later she was inside the shop sending me photos of this set. Needless to say a few days later she was stuffing them in her carry-on because I told her I couldn’t live without them.

In addition to glassware, trays, storage boxes, plants, and candles are also great pieces for decorating your bar cart. Trays are great because you can take them off to serve if you’re only having a couple of girlfriends over. However you decide to style your bar cart, just have fun with it! It’s the perfect conversation piece for your home.

Bar Cart c/o Hayneedle | Tray c/o Hayneedle (similar) | Letter Board | Urchin c/o Hayneedle | Decanter | Marble Box (similar) | Rose All Day Book | Rug | Champagne Bears

Stay tuned next week for a closer look at all the beautiful pieces I recently received from Hayneedle, and how I use their pieces to style our living/dining room.

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  1. Girllll you have such a beautiful bar cart!!! I need to get working on mine – it’s pretty empty right now haha! I love this!!

  2. I love a bar cart! I think it can add so much personality to a room, especially how you style it! I love this!

  3. These really are my favourite posts! I love bar carts and seeing how people style them

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