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-May 25, 2016

A Weekend in Los Angeles

By Teresa Caruso

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Los-Angeles-Weekend-Trip-8Earlier this month, I visited Los Angeles with two of my blogger besties, Ashley of Ashley Brooke Nicholas and Michelle of Mash-Elle. We planned a trip to California to attend Create + Cultivate, a conference for female entrepreneurs in the digital space. Aside from being excited for the conference (and the chance to see Jessica Alba in real life), I was really happy to be spending time with the girls in one of my favorite cities.
Both of our flights were delayed, so it’s safe to say we were pretty exhausted when we finally met up at the airport around 1am. Luckily, instead of having to wait in line for a car, and then having to fill out stacks of paperwork, we used the Skurt app. All you have to do is download the app, choose a car, fill out basic information, and the car is delivered to you. It’s THAT easy. Skurt tracked our flight, so when we stepped out of the airport, there was a Skurt driver waiting there with our car. They simply scanned Michelle’s driver’s license and credit card, and we were good to go. It was beyond easy, and such a breath of fresh air compared to past situations I’ve had with trying to book a car.
We couldn’t be happier to be headed to our hotel! The moment we stepped foot into the Sofitel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills, we knew we made the right choice. The staff was beyond friendly and accommodating and check-in was a breeze. While it was pretty late when we arrived, we learned the next morning just how perfect the location of the Sofitel is. We were in walking distance to the Beverly Shopping Center and tons of great boutiques and restaurants. I have to mention the beds in our hotel room. Our weekend was jam-packed and coming home to that mattress every night was literally heaven. I am the LIGHTEST sleeper in the universe, yet I was asleep in minutes every single night of our trip. The room itself was extremely cozy, and equipped with the softest robes and slippers, as well as ultra luxe toiletries from Lanvin. As a beauty blogger, you know I appreciate some great soaps! The staff was always eager to make sure we were enjoying our stay; from offering cold bottles of water after a long day to tracking down my sunglasses that my forgetful self left in the car. It’s safe to say we truly felt pampered.

The Sofitel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills had so much personality and character. Every inch of the hotel was decorated to perfection. They didn’t miss a detail. Just when I thought the hotel couldn’t get more beautiful, we discovered Esterel, their on-site restaurant. It’s a brightly decorated garden restaurant, filled with whimsical charm. I know I’m a blogger, but I couldn’t stop taking photos! Every detail was just perfect.


Saturday was conference day. We all tried to mentally prepare, but we knew we were in for a very long day. From early morning to 8pm, we had a pretty packed schedule, with a few breaks in between. At this point in my career, I have attended quite a few conferences, and I have to say, Create + Cultivate was the most thought-out and organized. They didn’t miss a beat, and they had a ton of great sponsors offering snacks, drinks, and goodies throughout the day. Most of the day consisted of panels, with a few one-on-one interviews, and two mentor sessions. It was so inspiring to hear the stories of so many strong, hard-working women. It helps remind you that anyone can accomplish anything if they work hard for it. Also, can we talk about the fact that I was in the same room with women like Jessica Alba, Rachel Zoe, and Chelsea Handler? I mean, really? While I wish the conference were geared more towards bloggers, I left more inspired than ever. When you’re surrounded by hundreds of passionate, entrepreneurial women, it’s hard not to absorb all that energy.

We were so exhausted after the conference that we had no desire to go out to dinner. I swear we were too tired to even go through a drive-through. After eating salads and light bites all day long, I basically squealed with excitement when Ashley suggested room service. Let’s just say we were eating filet mignon, in our pajamas, in bed, laughing hysterically at “I Love You Man” sometime around midnight. To say I had an instant connection with these girls would be quite the understatement. The food was INCREDIBLE, and in all my years of traveling, I never received room service that quickly!

The trip was so memorable, and I honestly wish we extended our stay. I feel like I learned so much just by discussing blogging strategies and ideas with Michelle and Ashley. They are two incredibly talented, insanely smart ladies!
If you’re planning to visit the Los Angeles area, I definitely suggest booking your stay at the Sofitel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills. The location is perfect, and we had such an incredible experience. And if you need a car, don’t hesitate to use the Skurt app! There is seriously nothing more convenient.

A huge thank you to the Sofitel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills for the complimentary stay, and to Skurt for providing a car during our time in Los Angeles.

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  1. Wow, I love this hotel and its details, especially the pink ones.
    I could feel the energy in that conference from your words! Very inspiring!

  2. I love your luggage, they are so pretty. I bet you had an amazing trip. Traveling from the East Coast to LA is always exhausting for me, especially the first night when I have to push myself to stay away for three more hours so I’m not awake too early in the am the next day.

  3. Looks like an ideal weekend in LA, the conference looks like a great experience! And I’m glad to hear the fantastic review of Sofitel!

  4. You’ve captured such pretty and picture perfect details. The whole getaway (although it was more of a symposium) looks like such a treat! Although it sounded quite draining, it also seems to have been such a rewarding experience, glad you had a great time there. It’s making me wonder if there are any similar things here in little old Perth. Lovely photographs.

  5. I am going to be honest… you had me at Skurt! How neat is that! This must only be in the US or I just “dead”. being over in Europe I don’t hear about anything new in the US ever. That is awesome about the conference. Maybe next year I can join y’all. 🙂

  6. Wow, sounds like you had a super exciting weekend in LA! I’m so glad the conference went well – and Sofitel really seems to outdo itself with excellent staff and comfort 🙂 Their restaurant is the prettiest thing ever!

  7. That was a really exciting weekend in LA and it seems you had a nice time over there. Sofitel sounds so comfortable going by your words.

  8. That sounds like an incredible experience! We don’t have such things in Europe, which is too bad! But, one question, apart from the amazingness of the Sofitel, was there Andy from Style Scrapbook in the panel?

  9. Wow, that sounds like an incredible experience! I’d love to go to a conference like this one day!

  10. That sounds like an exciting trip! I would be thrilled to be at a conference with all those Girl Bosses too. And the Sofitel sounds very comfortable. I’ve never stayed at one, but I’ve eaten at their restaurants and enjoyed myself.

  11. Love your pictures – Sofitel is a pretty awesome chain; they’ve got some great properties here in India too 🙂

  12. Sounds like a fabulous weekend. I’m so jealous, wish I could make a trip soon 🙂

  13. The Sofitel comes across as such a charming place. Really unique and elegant decor. Cannot get more beautiful than this. Sure you had a lovely time there.

  14. What a fantastic place to learn and network! Sounds like you had a great time.

  15. Hotel is just stunning! Love Hollywood chairs. I’m sure you had fantastic time staying there, Sofitel is known by its excellence.

  16. Loving the pink so much <3 I'm a pink girl at heart haha. How fun, and it sounds like Sofitel was the perfect choice to stay — I heard good things about it when I was in LA 🙂

  17. Los angeles is one of my dream destinations. someday I wish to be there and see all of it. But till then, I will be content looking at your post and the photographs. It seems you had a great time.

  18. Travelling with friends is always great and I like staying at nice hotels. I have not been to Beverly Hills but the hotel looks lovely and I would stay at a place like this or similar.

  19. Yes, I never go to LA unless it is for work. Fun city, but not my idea of a vacation.

  20. These pictures are so so beautiful! You look like you had a great time, and will certainly be getting the Skurt app 🙂 handy!

  21. I had never heard of that conference and I’m so glad I did! It looks like the Sofitel was awesome!!!

  22. Hear that? That’s the sound of my jaw dropping! What a fantastic weekend! One day I’ll make my way to LA!

  23. Sounds like it was a great event. I’ve never been to Cali and even though I have family there, I still haven’t made it. We’re planning a trip to Disneyland however, so I guess we’ll finally make it.

  24. Wow I can’t believe you were in the same room as Jessica Alba she is amazing! I love the decor as well and the photography is beautiful.

  25. Nothing is better than go travel with your besties and spend a quality time, work, and have fun at the same time. Sofitel Hotel is one of the hotels that provide quality service for their clients.

  26. Spending time with BFF’s and laughing until your face hurts is the BEST – in any city. Jessica Alba on top of THAT! Best weekend ever in my book.

  27. Sounds like a great conference and hotel. I would have loved to heard Chelsea Handler and Jessica Alba. I am sure you walked away so inspired.

  28. Well, at least the beautiful hotel made up for the delayed flights. It sounds like a fun weekend, even though you were exhausted.

  29. What an amazing-amazing-amazing weekend with your friends! And loving that luggage – what is it? Need!
    Karen |

  30. I have been to LA a few times, but only day trips from our stays in San Diego. I would love to spend more time there.

  31. It sounds like you had a fabulous weekend! These photos are all gorgeous! I love that famous pink wall!!

    xo Ashley

  32. I really want to go to the Create + Cultivate conference this October. Hopefully I will be able to make that a reality soon. It looks like y’all had an amazing time 🙂
    xoxo, Jenny

  33. Gorgeous photos! I’ve been dying to go to the Creative + Cultivate conference as well!

  34. I’ve been dying to go to the Create + Cultivate conference, so I’m super jealous you got to go! Your trip sounds amazing.

  35. wow that hotel looked amazing and create cultivate looked like a blast girl!!!

  36. It sounds like your trip was amazing! Next time I’m in SoCal I want to stay at the Sofitel – it’s gorgeous and looks like so much fun!

    The Blush Blonde

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